ENVE 275, CIVE 375: The purchase of a new Ion Chromatography (IC) system, which WEEF helped fund, has greatly enhanced the lab experience for Civil & Environmental Engineering students. This fully automated system is able to separate and quantify ionic compounds and other water pollutants. The system features an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it ideal for lab demonstrations.
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WEEF Helps Fund Turtlebots

February 18, 2016

ME 597: Autonomous Mobile Robotics remains one of the most popular technical electives for Mechatronics students, thanks in no small part to the hands-on experience of programming real robots afforded by WEEF's support of the lab equipment.

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WEEF Proposals are still being accepted for W16, the deadline is March 2nd, 2016. You can submit a proposal online here: http://weef.uwaterloo.ca/new


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New WEEF Directors

September 03, 2015

With the end of the 2015 spring school term marks the start of the term of Wesley Sak, who will be the on-stream WEEF director in the fall. Wesley Sak has previously served on the WEEF board of directors and will act as the WEEF director for the 'B' society for the next 16 months. I'm Eric Shi and I will be serving as the next 'A' Society WEEF director with my first on-stream term in winter 2016.

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