New Reign

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December 29, 2011

To those who don't know me (but hopefully recognize me from last term), I'm Brock Kopp and I'll be your WEEF Director for the next 16 months. I'm about to start my 3B term of Mechatronics Engineering. On top of school and WEEF, I am also balancing being a Engineering Federation Orientation Committee member. It sounds like a heavy term and it will be but I "work well under pressure" (as many employers have heard) and I trust that people will let me know if it ever appears like I am letting anything slip.

So, what does this mean for WEEF? I have lots planned.

First (if you haven't realized already) is a new website. I think many of you will agree that while the old website was easy to navigate and find specific information, it didn't exactly get anyone excited about WEEF. We wanted to change that for the new website. The hope is that this website will remain easy to navigate and find information about how to receive funding, but also be a good resource for people trying to learn what WEEF is all about. We want to have an ever changing stream of articles written by both WEEF staff as well as recipients of funding. Maybe this will finally convince everyone of why WEEF IS SOOO GOOD.

Next. I will be holding a student team captains meeting at the start of this term to gather feedback from each team about how WEEF is doing. There are many challenges that arise between the guidelines WEEF is bound by and the ever changing needs of teams and I want to make sure we are working as well as possible together. This is still in the works and there is no date panned yet (as the university is on holidays) but stay tuned. As a side note, this meeting will only be open to representatives of student teams but the minutes and findings will be posted for everyone to see!

The Town Hall Meeting will be next. I want to invite everyone out to a open forum about WEEF. I want to hear your compliments, commendations, complaints and corrective measures. This is your chance to not only find out more about what WEEF is, but also to help guide what it becomes!

Well that's about all for now. Stay tuned for more details about refunds and funding proposal timelines to come.

Stay classy Waterloo.