New Faces, Same Places

May 29, 2013

It is a new term here at the University of Waterloo and in the WEEF office. After direction and hard work by the dedicated and talented individuals of Laurin Benson and Brock Kopp, there are new faces to the both WEEF Council and in the Director’s chair. Elected this past Winter term to B-Soc WEEF Director is Himesh Patel, a 3A Management Engineering student. In the Fall of 2012, yours truly was voted into the Director’s Chair for A-Soc.

But who is this bearded guy behind the WEEF desk and the emails? I'm Ben Pratt, a 3A Geological Engineering student with roots in Calgary, AB. As an Industrial Ecology graduate from Calgary’s Mount Royal University in 2007, I managed my way through the environmental consulting sector throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and into the Northwest Territories. My “need to know why” turned into the best opportunity of my life – acceptance to Geological Engineering here at the University of Waterloo.

Many aspects of such a well-established student endowment makes WEEF one of the best things going for the Undergraduate Engineering Students here at the University of Waterloo. Who could argue anything other than we have simply the best (and one of the largest!) endowment program in conjunction with the best co-op engineering programs in Canada? How many student foundations provide $60,000 each term to fund projects for the students? Between student teams and individual student initiatives, and the faculty and support staff projects, there are WEEF stickers going up across the engineering faculty and other engineering involved departments showing where WEEF has been able to make a difference to students. Student teams bear the mark of student supported equipment and tooling; labs contain institution and industry leading equipment for students to learn the hands on skills required to be a successful graduate, all with a WEEF sticker close by.

With the University’s vision of graduating students possessing the skills to enter the workforce with hands on engineering skills, practical working skills where communication and critical thinking of challenging problems are second nature, and promoting the tradition of continued improvement to the student experience on campus, WEEF shares this vision and strives to facilitate this as best as we can. But who is “we”? We are the students. We are the future engineering graduates of the University of Waterloo with the opportunity to make change for ourselves, make change for those who follow in our footsteps, and even make change for those that have already graduated!

Continue the tradition. Continue your support to WEEF.