WEEF Helps Fund Conveyer System for Undergraduate Laboratory

March 18, 2016

Over the past few years, WEEF has generously donated approximately 35% of the funding that has been put toward the conveyor system in the Management Engineering Undergraduate Laboratory. Even the smaller industrial training kits that have been integrated into the system can be quite costly and would have been very hard for the Management Sciences department to support on its own. However, we believe the expense was worth it, as this equipment has not only allowed us to provide our students exposure to numerous technologies, but also valuable hands-on experience for complex concepts that are difficult to demonstrate in a classroom setting. In MSCI 131: Work Design and Facilities Planning, our students are able to observe, time, and analyse the conveyor system for various manufacturing topics such as process flow, queuing, material handling, and optimisation. Students in MSCI 333: Simulation and Design have also been able to simulate the system in Arena simulation software in order to further analyse and optimise the system.