WEEF strives to keep information as available as possible to all memebers of the foundation. To maintain this trasparency the following documents have been made available.

Guiding Documents

The actions of the Waterloo Engineering Endowment Foundation are goverened by both a constitution and a set of by-laws. The current constiution and by-laws can be downloaded below.

Past Funding Proposals

Below are all proposals for every term back to Fall 2002. Each document contains a list at the beginning indicating how much each proposal was allocated; please note that this figure does not indicate how much has been spent since some proposals have not claimed all of their allocated funds.

Every effort has been made to ensure the data are correct, however please feel free to contact us if you spot an error or need clarification.

Please note: To ensure these documents are not searched, they have been passworded. The password for each and every file is "weef" (without quotation marks.) If you have submitted a proposal in the past and do not want all or part of it to appear online, please contact the WEEF Director.

Participation Rates

Every term each undergraduate student makes a Voluntary Student Contribution that they can choose to refund upon request. The following documents show how the refund rate breaks down to with respect to class.

Meeting Minutes

At least once a term the Board of Directors meet to approve funding allocations, set future funding rates based on financial data, and any other issues regarding WEEF. Below are the minutes from these meetings.

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