The Board of Directors

The WEEF Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the foundation, approval of funding decisions and bylaw changes, and the setting of WEEF policy. They usually meet once a term. More information about the Board's responsiblities can be found in Section 4 of our Constitution.

By constitution, the board must include a minimum of two-thirds students.

Current Members:

  • Dean of Engineering - Dr. Pearl Sullivan
  • WEEF Director (Society A) - Sarah McCurdy (on-stream)
  • WEEF Director (Society B) - Theo Morissette
  • President - Engineering Society A - Abdullah Barakat (on-stream)
  • President - Engineering Society B - Katie Arnold
  • Student Representatives:
    • Society A - Vacant
    • Society A - Zemann Sheen
    • Society A - Michelle Liu
    • Society B - Jonathan Lam
    • Society B - Connie Melidy
    • Society B - Linyi Cheng
    • Architecture - Michelle Bullough
  • Alumni Representatives:
    • Denis Viens
    • Matthew Stevens
    • Adam Schneider

The Funding Council

The Funding Council members (AKA WEEF Class Reps) have the critical role of deciding where WEEF's funding goes. They typically meet three times a term: twice to hear presentations by those who have requested funding, and a once more to vote on which proposals should be allocated money. Any bylaw changes must also be approved by them. As class representatives, they act as liasions between the student body and WEEF, helping to identify student concerns, and ensuring that WEEF funding goes to student-chosen priorities.

If any of the following information is incorrect, please inform the WEEF Director.

Current Funding Council Members:

  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Chemical - 4
Cathy Jin, Jennifer AliJulie Kim, Lin (Xin) SongKayli Dale, Jacqueline HutchingsMeagan Yerxa, Disha Sankhe
Chemical - 8
Michelle Liu, Laurent Gerin
Elec & Comp - 4/Z1
Shail Shah, Neil Jewers, Adam PanSky ZhuFrederic Deserres, Zemann Sheen
Elec & Comp - 4/Z2
Jacob Maxwell, Matt Belisle
Elec & Comp - 8
Richard Shi, Indranil Sen
Samer Elhallak, Pavel RecnikHaley McLean, Michael Wong, Esther UtoGabrielle KlemtStephen Zhao, Emily Terpstra, Emily He, Mandy Coleman
Srineetha MaddineniAmanee Syed, Reem Alhassan, Sarah McCurdy
Mechanical - 4
Rob Rowland, Bradley BuckleyNicholas Owens, Tholeth Mammen Joseph
Mechanical - 8
Phil MoloughneyPatrick Gihooly, Nathan Creado
Awn Duquom, David WeisdorfJonathan Parson, Robin Liu
Kate De Bellis, Ian StadelmannQianshin Wang, Ethan AlterAhmad Lakhani, Kieran Sawatzky
Neil Jewers, Jeff GolbronsonMatt D'Souza
Eric Zhang, James LiuAndre Bertram, Zaeem Patel